AlphaFit Offers Functional Fitness and Training Equipment in Brisbane

If you are searching for functional fitness equipment in Brisbane, you may have already searched in many retail stores and found the sheer variety of products to be overwhelming. Many companies claim to make the best equipment, but upon closer inspection, their products turn out to be cheaply made or unethically produced. However, if you simply won’t settle for something off the shelf and give up your search for the perfect product, you might consider looking on the internet. AlphaFit is a family owned business that started in 2012. We sell premium fitness and training equipment through our online store, as well as through our sales agents and our factory in Gold Coast. That means AlphaFit products are 100% Australian made, and they’re just as tough as you want to become by using them.

Premium Custom Designs for Functional Training Equipment in Brisbane

At AlphaFit, we pride ourselves on making sure that all of our fitness and training equipment is high quality and built for serious use. We know that it's tough to get anything done without the right equipment for the job, especially when that job is getting in good shape. That’s why we make products that stand up to hard work. In 2014, AlphaFit sponsor and Australian Ironman surf lifesaving champion Caine Eckstein broke the Guinness World Record for most pull ups in 24 hours by using an AlphaFit pull up bar to do a whopping 4,210 pull ups.

Our fully functional fitness and training equipment is also designed to be easily customizable. We make products suitable for home gyms as well as commercial and elite fitness centres. Our products are built to enhance human movement and can be easily tailored to specific activities, whether you plan on using them for squats, overhead presses, or movement for everyday life.

Why Order Australian Made Fitness and Training Equipment?

While it's true that you can buy gym gear from many different places, there's no guarantee that you'll be getting the right product. Many other brands have their products manufactured overseas, where quality standards can differ widely from those of goods produced in Australia. AlphaFit, on the other hand, is 100% Australian owned, and our products are made right here at home. We even use Australian parts and materials. This means that you can rely on AlphaFit if you live in or around Brisbane, for functional fitness equipment that also helps to support local businesses.

Getting in shape can be hard work, so your best bet is to use equipment from a company that works hard for you. You wouldn’t cut corners on your workouts, so why buy products from a company that cuts corners on the products they make? For functional fitness and training equipment in the Brisbane area that helps to grow the economy and works as hard under pressure as you do, the value of AlphaFit products simply can’t be ignored.