Canggu Nest - Functional Training Facility Fitout

Date Posted:27 September 2018 

Picture this - you’ve stepped inside the trendiest functional training facility in Bali, decked out with the best equipment set in a modern boutique boho environment. It’s AlphaFit’s latest international fitout Canggu Nest, situated in Canggu, a picturesque coastal region just north of the popular Seminyak.

Located in the up and coming Canggu area amongst the trendy cafes, and only a few stone throws from the electric beach bars, it’s in the heart of a great community meaning there is no need to travel an excessive distance to get a truly memorable workout. 

Canggu Nest has gone above and beyond to provide a modern day tropical haven, full of the best high-end finishes you could hope for in a Bali’s new favourite hotspot. This place is amazing and makes you want to smash a workout and then sip a pina colada whilst basking in the scenery.


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"Without the service and assistance from AlphaFit we wouldn’t have been able to produce our wonderful space"

"We always knew of the quality of AlphaFit training equipment, nonetheless the service from all of their team was exception, from initial ordering through to finalising shipping. There is some different logistical items to overcome setting up a gym in Bali, however without the service and assistance from AlphaFit we wouldn’t have been able to produce our wonderful space. The quality of the equipment is industry leading and we feel confident in being able to deliver our programs for the long term with AlphaFit behind us​."

Training Day Gym LogoJames Robortella
Director, Canggu Nest
Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


Training Day Gym Playground Zone


Canggu Nest isn’t just all pretty looks. They wanted to buck the trend of concrete gyms, while delivering on their passion for everything Functional Training. The choice of AlphaFit equipment and the layout of the facility sets an ideal platform to encourage exercise and empower people through the most effective movements in one of the best places on earth. 

Canggu Nest selected the AlphaFit 4 Cell High Low Wall Mounted Rack as the centrepiece of the fitout. Concept2 Rowers and Assault Air Bikes provide the base of their endurance and cardio area with classes designed to push each member to the next level. 

To keep the space neat and tidy, Canggu Nest selected a custom Modular Storage System. They also included Weight Plate Trees for the Endure Coloured Bumpers and Rubber Frac Plates and a 2m Dumbbell Rack to store their Rubber Hex Head Dumbbells.

From a wide range of mixed implements for their conditioning and strength programming right through to mobility tools and flooring, AlphaFit has decked Canggu Nest out with the premium set up a facility of this calibre deserves. Next time you’re in Bali, pop in and say hi!


Training Day Gym Playground Zone
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Their membership and casual pass model offers you a choice of group functional fitness classes run by some of the best coaches in the business, or Happy Hour open gym use, where you can do as you please with all the latest in AlphaFit functional training equipment. Each class is programmed in-house by their experienced coaches and exclusive to Canggu Nest. Group classes offer a selection of Strength and Cardio Conditioning through constantly varied high intensity interval training. A focus area for the team at the Canggu Nest is to deliver surf and core specific workouts, Surf Cut & Coread Pilates, designed for performance on the board and perfect for anyone looking to develop strength, balance and alignment within. Their circuit-based Boxing workouts offer great variety and round out all the requirements for anyone’s ideal training schedule. 


Canggu Nest's members are already raving about the quality of the gym and AlphaFit equipment:

“Canggu Nest completely blew me away! What you have done with the space is incredible and very appealing. It is the most aesthetically pleasing Gym I have ever seen, from the insane feature wall to the all the beautiful equipment. Tom and Siobhan were awesome coaches and they made a gruelling workout fun and engaging. The fit out was most impressive. Not often you get to use brand new quality gear which actually makes a huge difference and is more motivating to get me back there! The whole place works so well and makes working out easier and fun!” - Tess, Canggu Nest Casual Pass Client


Training Day Gym Playground Zone



Supplying premium equipment to the world

Did you know AlphaFit has fit out complete commercial gyms, functional training facilities and delivered a huge range of equipment to many global destinations including Singapore, Abu Dhabi, New Caledonia and Bali? 

We are experts in design, manufacturing and installation of premium gym fitouts no matter where you are on the globe. Contact us and let us help you build a world-class destination training facility without compromise.



Training Day Gym Playground Zone
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