Day In The Life With Andrew Pap

Date Posted:6 October 2017 

BattleFit Australia owner, Active Escapes Trainer and Trek4Vets co-founder Andrew Pap has made quite a name for himself over the least few years through sharing his passion for fitness and health. We had the opportunity to interview Andrew who gives some solid advice on why it's improtant to be not only motivated but disciplined when training, but to set goals and get outside your comfort zone. 



What is your story? Tell us a little bit about yourself. 


I'm 27, currently living in Sydney and have numerous businesses. After completing my HSC I joined the Australian Defence Force and was propellled into a world full of positives and negatives. However, this experience was a direct correlation to why I began my outdoor training business Battle Fit Australia. The business started from very humble beginnings but has given me so much. Now with numerous locations, growing community, opening the door for multiple television appearances, front cover publications, sponsorships and the ability to lead a lifestyle that I love. 


Above all, my passion is to give back and serve others. I'm grateful that this has lead myself into a career which also allows me to travel worldwide to exotic locations and run fitness retreats with Active Escapes. 


What does a typical day in the life look like for you? 


I wake at 4.30am, run through my morning ritual (breathing, flow and mindset protocols). Lead my 5.30/6.30am classes down at Bondi Beach. Finish with some sort of physical activity on the beach (running, swim, surf or using some piece of equipment). 


Enjoy breakfast with my girlfriend at 8.30/9am and then I tend to necessary duties for the day with training occuring around 3.30pm. 


The key for me it to be disciplined by managing my time so I can discern my hours between work, training, fun etc. 


How often do you train a week?


My training consists of your typical strength, an/aerobic conditioning, mobility/skill acquisition & swimming. To cover all basis effectively I will squeeze 2 sessions per day. 


With a body like that it's hard to picture you eating anything but chicken and broccoli. What is your favourite cheat meal? 


Haha honesty there's a few major factors for the reason why we all look like we do; genetics, training stimuli, nutrition and living habits. 


I do enjoy all foods and dine out regularly with friends. I ensure the only way anything remains enjoyable and consistent by having balance and understanding your goals/motivators. 


How do you stay focused and where do you find motivation? 


The problem with our social media climate believes that motivation is key. Motivation is the ignition but I guarantee it eventually dissapears, so you need to build your discipline to continue. Also recognising your training as exactly as! What are you training for? Have a goal, get yourself uncomfortable, force yourself to grow!


What is your favourite piece of AlphaFit equipment? 


I'm really enjoying my Kettlebells! So versatile, challenging and a true indicator of numerous fitness spectrums. 


What advice can you give to someone starting out? 


My biggest advice is to recognise the transferable benefits of fitness and to pass the obvious aesthetic/athletic components. It's going to be a life pursuit, doing things right takes time and injuries suck! So learn what you're doing or see someone that has half an idea before you go bashing yourself in the gym or trails!


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