Dynamax - Now Available in 3 new sizes!

Date Posted:6 September 2017 

Dynamax Medicine Balls were developed by two coaches specifically to train the ten general physical skills. Dynamax has been tried, tested and proven by athletes of all levels. 

Individually hand-made, the balls are designed and manufactured to maintain dimensional stability so that over weeks, months and years of use the load will remain centered and the ball will not wobble.

The standard Dynamax Medicine Ball is designed to create the most efficient flow of directed motion possible   Its 14” diameter is ergonomically designed to maximize performance in the most functional way possible.

Now available in 3 new sizes! 

4lb - Black Ball / Marine Label 
8lb - Black Ball / Yellow Label
12lb - Black Ball / Green Label
14lb - Black Ball / Red Label 
20lb - Black Ball / Blue Label
25lb - Black Ball / Orange Label
30lb - Black Ball / Purple Label

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