Fitness and Nutrition Info You NEED to Know

Author: Courtney McConnell   Date Posted:22 September 2017 

In a digitally dominated world there has never been as much fitness and nutrition information available as there is now. However, as a result this means there is also a lot of conflicting information and myths that may leave you feeling lost and confused. Here are the top 8 fitness and nutritional facts you need to know: 


1. Sugar doesn't make you fat! Eating too many calories and not exercising will. Your energy output needs to be less than your energy input. 


2. Eating lots of protein will not make you bulky. See up above ^ energy in < energy out . P.S There is also no such thing as a men or women protein! Protein is protein - however there a different types of protein powders out there that may benefit men or women more depending on your goals. 


3. Ab exercises will NOT give you abs. You need to reduce overall body fat low enough to see your abs. Train your abs like every other muscle, once or twice a week and remember - "abs are made in the kitchen".


4. There are no certain foods that will speed up your metabolism or burn fat. There are foods that may assist but you need to put in the effort of training and eating well consistently! 


5. The more sore you are after a session is NOT an indicator of how effective the session was. You may just still be recovering or have changed the intensity, reps etc. 


6. The sweatier you are does NOT mean your working harder than someone who is not sweating. Our bodies are all different, our food and water intake is all different and our training is different. 


7. You can NOT spot reduce fat! However, you can spot build muscle! More muscle = more calories body will naturally burn = increase fat lose. 


8. Fat burners will not literally burn fat - they can boost your energy, curve hunger and promote fat to be used as an energy source but you need to put in the work to help them work. 



Author: Courtney McConnell
Personal Trainer and Online Trainer
Instagram: @courtney_healthandfitness



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