Introducing Pebble Grain RooGrips by RooGrip

Date Posted:5 August 2017 

"Kangaroo leather put through a 20-ton press to give it a pebble grain texture, a texture used on NFL balls
since 1941 for extra grip and handling..."


From pull-ups and muscle-ups to deadlifts and kettlebell swings, these comfortable 2-hole Kangaroo Leather hand grips offer the unique combination of a light, slim-cut design with next-level strength and durability. Protected hands = less recovery time = more time in the gym getting stronger.

Kangaroo Leather, aka K-Leather, is widely trusted in the sporting goods industry as the premier choice for a high performance technical leather. 

The real difference between RooGrips and the rest; is how we treat our leather prior to manufacturing. This puts RooGrips leather grips in their own league.


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