Testimonial – Brad Fittlers Home Gym Set Up

Date Posted:31 January 2017 

Having 24/7 access to gym equipment at your doorstep has its benefits just ask former professional rugby league football player and coach Brad “Freddy” Fitter! Living a busy lifestyle Brad doesn’t always have time to drop down to the local club to get in a workout so with the help of AlphaFit he’s begun to build his own home gym.

Brad’s gym includes a range of conditioning equipment allowing him to perform a variety of exercises to boost both his endurance and strength.

Brad’s set up includes three Dynamax Wall Balls in 8lb, 14lb, 20lb. These wall balls are great for wall throws, overhead slams, squat to overhead press, overhead walking lunges and more.

The set up also features AlphaFit Rubber Hex Dumbell in a variety of sizes. Dumbell’s are great for joint isolated exercises such as bicep curls, shoulder raises, and flys. They can also be used multiplanar movements including lunges and squats.

Another home gym staple that Brad has included is the AlphaFit Parallettes (pair) Tall. No bench? No problem. Parallette Bars allow you to perform dips whilst engaging your core. You can also perform a variety of push ups, static holds and planches. 

It wouldn't be a proper home gym set up without storage. Brad has opted for the AlphaFit Modular Storage System. A fully customisable storage system to suit your needs. Available in two tier, three tier or four tier frame with the choice of flat trays, bumper/slam trays, dumbell trays or wall shelfs. This storage system will keep your home gym clutter free and prolong the life span of your equipment. 



To start your very own home gym head over to our products page. Not sure where to start? Contact one of our friendly sales reps at admin@alphafit.com.au.


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