Testimonial - Carmel College

Carmel College has a strong sporting history and encourage their students to embrace an active lifestyle. They recently added a gym to their sporting facilities fully equipped with a custom AlphaFit 3 Cell Wall Mounted Rig.

For strength training Carmel opted for both AlphaFit Competition Bumpers and AlphaFit Standard Bumpers to accompany AlphaFit 20kg Starter Barbell.

They also selected a variety of conditioning equipment including AlphaFit Olympic Peak Rings, AlphaFit Ab Mat, AlphaFit Plyo Box, AlphaFit Power Bands and AlphaFit Foam Roller.

To store all their new equipment we recommended the AlphaFit Bar Storage Vertical, AlphaFit Wall Mounted Bumper Storage and AlphaFit Bumper Plate Trolley


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