Testimonial - Mount Ridley College

Date Posted:21 June 2017 

"When looking for a company to fit out our new performance center, AlphaFit were able to meet all our needs for our students. ANy request we had they looked after us on price and needs for our space. Will was excellent in helping us set up our space to get the best out of our facility. We will continue to use AlphaFit throughout our gym and equipment needs. I highly recommend AlphaFit to any school or gym looking for a fit out." - Lauren Morecroft, AFL Mentor Teacher / Elite Sports Program Leader, Mount Ridley


As part of Mount Ridley's final stage of construction specialists learning facilities were installed which included a gym for students in years 10 - 12. The fit out included an AlphaFit 3 Cell Low Freestanding Unit complete with AlphaFit Starter Barbells, AlphaFit Standard Black Bumper Plates and AlphaFit Incline Benches to perform a variety of strength developing exercises. 

For conditioning work Mount Ridley opted for AlphaFit Wooden Plyo Boxes, AlphaFit Hex Dumbbells, AlphaFit Kettlebells,AlphaFit Slamballs and AlphaFit Powerbands. 


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