The rise of Functional Training Spaces within Commercial Spaces

Author: Will Goldenburg   Date Posted:25 July 2017 

 “Functional Training” is often thrown around the industry, but what does it really mean? No matter what you want to call it, you will see most commercial facilities are implementing functional training spaces in some way, shape or form. If you haven’t, you’re behind the times!  The keys to successfully implementing these training spaces is to make sure you have key personnel who can drive it. These employees need to have the knowledge, experience, qualifications and passion to be able to teach and train customers on how to utilise and benefit from this training area.

As we all know, getting customers to change their old habits can be a very hard task! An example is Richmond Recreation Centre in Melbourne. Richmond Rec has been able to implement a 2 cell semi braced AlphaFit Rack in the custom colour orange into their main gym floor. It is used for group classes and provides extra bench and squat positions when no classes are running. This has been driven by Marty Moran (Health & Fitness Director for Yarra Leisure) who has an extensive training history and wealth of knowledge of the fitness industry.

The key is understanding how a facility layout works and what the training area is trying to achieve is key. AlphaFit specialises in consulting and setting up different training areas whether you are a Commercial Facility, School, Elite Sports Club, Strength & Conditioning Facility, High Performance Facility, PT Studio, CrossFit Box or Boot Camp we can help provide you with advice to get you the best fit out possible.

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Richmond Recreation Centre, Melbourne, VIC

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