Why Rigs and Racks Have Become a Popular Part of Any Training Facility

Author: Will Goldenburg   Date Posted:26 August 2017 

Rigs and racks are some of the most versatile and cost-effective pieces of equipment you can get to fit out your training space. Here are some great reasons why:

  • Accommodating Spaces – You can have multiple people training in the one space.
  • Endless Set Up Options – Wall mounted units are space efficient and keep training areas nice and open. You can also get free standing units which give you more working spots.
  • Cost Effective – Rack prices are far more cost effective compared to some pin loaded and cardio machines that can add up to be costly.
  • Versatility – Racks give you the ability to do a variety of different exercises- squats, bench press, rack pull, band loaded exercises, chin ups, muscle ups, wall balls, hang TRX and rings, core trainers and more.
  • Better Customer Engagement - Racks can encourage customers to seek out trained professionals to help develop their training by teaching them how a rack is used. This leads to better customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Racks and cages can be utilised by any sort of facility- Strength and Conditioning Facility, Personal Training Studio, CrossFit Box, High Performance facility, Elite Sports Club (AFL, NRL and AIS) and Schools.

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