Worry Less About Injuries and Focus More On Smashing The WOD With Reeva

Date Posted:6 April 2017 

Introducing the new range of workout gear to AlphaFit – Reeva! Reeva brings your level of passion to the quality of our workout gear. Reeva gear is more than just gear, it’s your training partner. It will push you forward and won’t let you down and withstand the WOD with ease.


Reeva Cotton Wrist Wraps

Doing those heavy Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting movements can be tasking on your wrists, thus you need comfortable and durable wrist wraps so you can work out without any fear of injury.

Made from 100% Cotton, these wrist wraps are extremely durable.

Reeva Wrist Wraps allow you to adjust the tightness by simply wrapping them tighter when pushing those PR’s. If you are working on your endurance just loosen them a little.



Reeva Elastic Wrist Wraps

The Reeva Elastic Wrist Wraps are ideal for practicing functional fitness,powerlifting or weightlifting exercises. The Reeva bands are a lot more supportive then your typical wrist band. They are strong, yet flexible enough  to prevent your wrists from getting injured no matter the weight. 



Reeva Grips

These 100% Australian Kangaroo leather grips will form a second layer of protective skin without theleather wrinkling when rotating on the bar. This will allow you to protect your hands while remaining thenatural glide on the bar. Kangaroo leather is the toughest leather which makes these grips the strongestmost durable grips on the planet

Push past those high repetitions of pull-ups, muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, kettle bell swings, Olympic lifts, gymnastic movements, and other rotation intensive exercises.

Reeva Gloves
Reeva Sporting Gloves offer fitness enthusiasts the ability to bring their best to every workout. If your goal is to dominate your powerlifting, weightlifting sessions or any killer WOD without worrying about hand rips or any wrist injuries, these gloves are for you!

These innovative elastic wrist wrap offers exactly the needed amount of wrist support without the unnecessary bulk, compromising flexibility.The Gloves are double stitched to ensure maximum durability to ensure that your wrists are protected for as long as possible.

Reeva Knee Sleeves (coming soon)
The 5mm Reeva Knee Sleeves are made of 100% neoprene with lycra binding and are double stitched for maximum durability

The Reeva Knee Sleeves will help improve proper patella tracking and reduce knee pain. Protect your joints when performing heavy squats, deadlifts or lunges. These sleeves are long enough to offer full knee support and keep your joints warm at a good price point. 


Reeva Weightlifting Belt

When you use the Reeva weightlifting belt, you build up pressure in your abdominal cavity to stabilize your spine. A straight spine enables you to carry more weight without becoming wobbly.

Bring your CrossFit, Powerlifting and Olympic lifting game to the next level without the risk of injury. Thebelt’s unique design has the back part wider to provide the right amount of support and slimmer at the front to prevent the stabbing pain in the belly.

Shave off precious seconds from your workout because with the belt’s velcro wrap, you can put it on and off quickly. Imagine how that would help you with those heavy lifting WODs!



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