Collect Them All: AlphaFit Regionals Player Cards

Date Posted:10 April 2017 


Name: Ricky Garard
Age: 22
Height: 179cm
Weight: 88kg
Affiliate: Benton CrossFit
Australian Position: 1 


Name: Khan Porter
Age: 27
Height: 182cm
Weight 93kg
Affiliate: CrossFit Play
Australian Position: 4


Name: Mitch Sinnamon
Age: 27
Height: 172cm
Weight: 90kg
Affiliate: CrossFit South Wharf
Australian Position: 6


Name: Haydn Wolfsbauer
Age: 30
Height: 182cm
Weight: 92kg
Affiliate: CrossFit Devour
Australian Position: 7

Name: Benjamin Garard
Age: 28
Height: 165cm
Weight: 82kg
Affiliate: Benton CrossFit
Australian Position: 9


Name: Zeke Grove
Age: 25
Height: 169cm
Weight: 83kg
Affiliate: Live Elite CrossFit
Australian Position: 10

 Name: Rory Boyden
Age: 27
Height: 184cm
Weight: 89kg
Affiliate: CrossFit Creature
Australian Position: 21


Name: Harry Debenham
Age: 21
Height: 180cm
Weight: 81kg
Affiliate: CrossFit Mode
Australian Position: 25

Name: Courtney Fitzharris
Age: 22
Height: 160cm
Weight: 65kg
Affiliate: Nepean CrossFit
Australian Position: 17


Name: Sammy Drescher
Age: 25
Height: 183cm
Weight: 70kg
Affiliate: CrossFit Darwin



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