Testimonial - Geelong Cats Gym Fit Out

Date Posted:22 February 2017 

With a huge season ahead it’s vital that the Geelong Cats team stay in shape and what better way to do so than with a custom gym fit out!


The Geelong Cats gym fit out included a range of custom made strength and conditioning equipment designed especially for football players. The fit out was complete with a AlphaFit Bench Pull with a custom built bench pull handle specifically designed for upper back work allowing the larger players to get full range of motion. The bench top and height was also customised to suit larger players to stop their shoulders slipping off normal sized benches and to correct their positioning.


The fit out also included a custom made AlphaFit Rig Mounted Padded Peg to fit onto a non-alphafit rack that the team already had. These pegs are very versatile and can be used for Nordic hamstring curls, Bulgarian split squats and mobility off the rack.

Squats and deadlifts are two fundamental exercises to build strength. To perform these moves Geelong Cats also purchased an AlphaFit Hex Trap Bar and AlphaFit Competition Barbells.  

Conditioning is just as important as strength for these football players so to help condition their bodies they have opted for a range of conditioning equipment including AlphaFit 4pcs Plyo Box, AlphaFit Slam Balls, AlphaFit Kettlebells and AlphaFit Hex Head Dumbbells.

To store all their new equipment they opted for an AlphaFit Weight Tree and AlphaFit Vertical Bar Storage solutions allowing for maximum floor space to workout and prolong the lifespan of the equipment.



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