AlphaFit: More Than Just a Place to Buy Commercial Gym Equipment for Wholesale Prices in Sydney


Perhaps you are building a home gym with the goal of taking your personal fitness to the next level, or maybe you run a commercial gym and are in the process of replacing some outdated equipment. Either way, you are on the hunt for high quality gym equipment in Sydney. Look no further than AlphaFit to fulfil that particular need.  

Since 2012, we have been manufacturing premium strength and conditioning equipment for commercial applications and independent training alike. Best of all, we manufacture every piece of our equipment in Australia, so shopping with us means supporting the national economy.  


Get a Personal Consultation from an AlphaFit Expert


While AlphaFit is a destination for those seeking commercial gym equipment in Sydney, we are also more than just a store trading in heavy duty wares. Indeed, when you work with us, we don't just want to help you find the equipment to aid you in reaching your fitness goals. On the contrary, we also want to do everything we can to help you achieve those goals faster and more efficiently.  

At AlphaFit, we care so much about the fitness of our customers that we happily schedule one on one consultations with many of our clients. These consultations often include discussions of gym equipment, but equipment is not the only subject. Instead, we like speaking with our customers about their training needs.  

Are you just getting back to the fitness game after a few years of letting your exercise routine slide? Are you training for the Olympics? Are you somewhere in between these two extremes on the spectrum? No matter your goals and no matter your level of experience, we would like nothing more than to sit down with you and discuss your plans for fitness and training. Once we know more about you, we will be equipped to help you pick out the equipment that is going to help you achieve your goals.  

Our consultations can also help if you are shopping for wholesale gym equipment for a commercial gym in Sydney. Tell us a bit about your business, from the number of customers to the types of fitness that your customers seem to prefer. Our team of fitness experts can help you take your gym to the next level with equipment that is going to drive customer satisfaction and boost membership numbers.  


Start Shopping for Your Commercial Gym Equipment in Sydney Today


If you want to start browsing AlphaFit's wholesale gym equipment in Sydney, all you have to do is start perusing our website. All of our equipment, from barbells and bumper plates to weight vests and battle ropes, is available online. If you are interested in a one on one consultation with our team of strength and conditioning experts, just get in touch by dialling (07) 5597 1588. We look forward to haring from you and finding our what we can do to help you achieve your goals.