The Best Way to Obtain Functional Fitness and Training Equipment in Melbourne

Maybe you live in Melbourne, and you're in the market for functional fitness equipment because you'd like to get in shape. Or maybe you're already in shape, but you're training for something big, and you wish to upgrade your current equipment. In either case, you may have already searched high and low through various retail stores, and found yourself intimidated by the number of options available to you. It might seem as if there are far too many companies out there who make fitness and training equipment. How are you supposed to make a decision? Well, if you don't want to pick something off the shelf at random, here are some tips for you: find a company trusted by serious athletes, and go for something made locally to ensure high quality manufacturing. AlphaFit is a family owned business that has been selling premium fitness and training equipment through our online store, our sales agents and our Gold Coast factory since 2012. Our products are made in Australia and are trusted by athletes around the world.

Customizable Fitness Equipment in Melbourne for All Your Training Goals

You might be trying to lose weight, tone a few muscles, or break a world record. Whatever your individual fitness goals are, you probably want to use a product that can absorb the effort you plan on implementing. That's why AlphaFit products are built to be customizable. We sell functional training equipment to Melbourne fitness centres as well as home gyms, and the athletes who use our products see the results that they want. In fact, AlphaFit sponsor and Australian Ironman surf lifesaving champion Caine Eckstein once used one of our pull up bars to do 4,210 pull ups in a single day, breaking the Guinness World Record for most pull ups in 24 hours.

Maybe you’re trying to break the world record set by Eckstein, or maybe pull ups aren’t your thing. Either way, AlphaFit equipment is readily adaptable to many different exercises, including squats, overhead presses, and simple movements to help benefit you in your day to day activities. Enhancing human movement is one of our primary goals at AlphaFit, and all of our fitness and training equipment reflects this philosophy.

Made Locally and Made Well

Why is it important to get products made locally? There are two main reasons. The first is that products made overseas may not be up to the same quality standards as products made in Australia. You don’t want to spend money in Melbourne on functional fitness equipment just to find out that it was made somewhere else and isn't that functional after all.

The second reason to buy locally made products is that they support the local businesses who provide the parts and materials. When you buy a local product, you're putting money back into the economy and helping small businesses in the area to flourish. All AlphaFit products use 100% Australian parts and materials and a significant inside the country. Visit our online store for fitness and training equipment that you can feel good about in more ways than one.