Consider Shopping for Functional Fitness and Training Equipment Online


How on Earth is a person supposed to settle on a single company for gym equipment? It's a tough question to answer. There are so many different producers of fitness equipment out there, especially if you've taken a look inside a retail store lately and it seems as though all of them are promoting themselves as the greatest company on the market. Well, that obviously can’t be true. But how can you weed out the good products from the rest? What should you look for when choosing a company to provide you with premium fitness equipment for your specific training goals? Here’s an idea: stop looking in stores. These days, smart shoppers are using the internet to find exactly what they want in many areas of life, and fitness equipment is no exception. AlphaFit is a 100% Australian owned company has been offering functional fitness equipment online for over four years. Our products have been used and recommended by some of Australia's greatest athletes, which guarantees that our equipment is both sturdy and practical.


Record-Breaking Success


Caine Eckstein is an Ironman surf lifesaving champion who hails from Gold Coast, Australia. In 2014, Eckstein also became a Guinness World Record breaker by doing the most pull ups ever done in a 24-hour period. In the space of just one day, Eckstein managed to do 4,210 pull ups. The pull-up bar he used was made by AlphaFit.

Eckstein’s accomplishment was massive, but no matter what your fitness and training goals are, AlphaFit can help you to achieve them. We focus heavily on the customization of our products, which means that they can be used for an incredible number of distinct purposes. You could be trying to outdo Caine Eckstein, or you might just be trying to refine and perfect some small muscle groups for regular movements. No matter what it is that you're trying to do, you want to buy equipment that will support you, and AlphaFit can help.


Get Locally Made Products When You Buy Functional Fitness Equipment Online

Shopping online for functional fitness equipment by AlphaFit also guarantees that you’ll be getting a product made here in Australia. This is a significant advantage for two reasons. Number one: functional training equipment made in Australia is held to Australian quality standards, whereas products made abroad may be flimsier enabling their manufacturers to cut costs. That's not a problem you want to run into when you're trying your best to enjoy a good workout. Number two: locally made products mean locally sourced parts and materials. This means that when you buy an AlphaFit product, you’re also doing your bit to support the local economy.

For premium fitness and training equipment that will exceed your needs and help Australian businesses, visit AlphaFit at our online store and take a look at our easily customizable line of products. We’re here to help you achieve your goals.