Where Can I Get Functional Fitness and Training Equipment in Sydney?

If you live in or around the Sydney area, and you're trying to take care of your body, chances are you want fitness and training equipment that’s up for the challenge. That means you don't want to spend money on expensive workout gear that's just going to let you down after a few uses. This can pose a real problem when shopping for the right products because many companies will claim to provide top quality equipment while cutting costs by using cheap labour and materials. So how do you ensure you’re getting a product that will go the distance for strength training?

Two answers: go for a company trusted by top athletes, and take a good look at the origin of their products. AlphaFit is a 100% Australian owned company that has been producing premium fitness equipment for use in home gyms and elite fitness centres alike since 2012. Our products are tested by some of the biggest names in the business, and all of them use Australian parts and materials.


Training to Break a World Record?

In 2014, Caine Eckstein broke the Guinness World Record for doing the most pull ups in 24 hours. Over the course of a single day, Eckstein completed 4,210 pull ups. He used an AlphaFit pull up bar for all of them.

Having a record-breaking athlete endorse a company is significant, but you don't need to be making history to use our products. AlphaFit specialises in the customisation of premium fitness and training equipment, which makes our products applicable to a wide variety of different goals. So whether you want to break Eckstein’s record or just practice movements to enhance everyday life, AlphaFit gear can quickly be adapted to match your specific needs.


For Functional Training Equipment in Sydney, Get it Made in Australia

Buying products that use local parts and labour achieve two important things. First of all, it helps to ensure that the product you're purchasing will be held to a high standard of quality, which is of particular importance for fitness equipment. But it also means that your purchase will help to support the local businesses who produce the materials used to make your gear. That’s why AlphaFit only uses Australian parts and materials, and why all of our products are made right here in Australia at our factory in Gold Coast. For functional fitness equipment in the Sydney area, going local has never been so easy.

If you live in Sydney, good functional fitness equipment can be hard to find. A lot of time can be wasted looking through the vast array of products in retail shops only to find out that they don't have the high quality product you need. Fortunately, AlphaFit products are available through our online store and sales agents. Visit us today to find the right equipment for all your fitness and training needs.