Gym Fitouts and Their Changes Over The Years

Author: Will Golddenburg  

Gym Fitouts vary so much these days. Gone of the days of a traditional gym fitout which only had machines and cardio. Gym Fitouts must have a training area which is functional and open and contains a pull up rack/rig which you can squat, bench and press off. The rack/rig is a key to a quality gym fitout as it allows your customers to train strength and conditioning exercises. Pull up rig/rack offers the ability to do a variety of exercises compared to a single piece of equipment which you can only do one exercise making it perfect for any gym fit out.

What is also needed for any gym fit out and functional space is mixed equipment. Mixed equipment is pieces such as Kettlebells, slam balls, power bands, plyo boxes, rings, TRX, sand bags, hex dumbbells, sleds, skipping ropes, medicine balls, battle ropes, and Dynamax wall balls. To get the most use out of these pieces of equipment you need to make sure the gym fitout has lots of open space. Open space is key so that the equipment can be pulled out, used and then put away. When gyms are doing their fitouts they can really struggle to find open space because they have too many large pieces of gym equipment that only do one exercise and take up a lot of space.