Olympic Bumper Plates and Barbells - Must Haves For Any Gym Or Home Set Up

Author: Will Goldenburg   Date Posted:6 February 2018 

Olympic bumper plates are a versatile piece of training equipment that any gym, crossfit box, pt studio, commercial facility, high performance facility or home gym should have. Olympic bumper plates are made to be dropped. When performing Olympic lifting movements, the barbell and bumper plates need to be dropped to complete the movement safely which means Olympic bumper plates are built to with stand constant dropping. The rubber used and constructions of the Olympic bumper plate ensures that bumper plates do not break over time. They also ensure that noise is reduced and that the Olympic bumper plates do not bounce.

Olympic bumper plates can also be used on barbells for other movements such as deadlifting, bench press, military press, should press, Hip thrusts, thrusters, Front Squat, back squat, lunges, step ups and many other major compound movements. Olympic barbells and bumper plates are a must for anyone that is training and exercising seriously. Being able to perform a variety of different training methods and exercise with two pieces of equipment such as a barbell and Olympic bumper is a must for any gym of home set up!

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