Pull Up Rigs and Why Your Gym Needs One!

Author: Will Goldenburg   Date Posted:7 February 2018 

Pull up rigs are a major part of any gym, crossfit box, pt studio, strength and conditioning facility, high performance facility or commercial facility. Pull up rigs offer versatility and exercise variation for any training space. Rigs are not only used for pull ups. Rigs can be used to squat, bench, shoulder press, hang TRX or rings, stretch or hang off. Most gym use pull up rigs to run group training classes or strength and conditioning classes. Racks and rigs are also space efficient and cost effective compared to single pieces of strength equipment that only do one exercise.

Depending on the size of the rig or rack you can get you can get multipool customer training on a rack at one time. Foot prints of pull up racks can be customised to suit any gym space or training space. Having a pull up rig which is centre of your training space can really make a gym space stand out and attract new customers to a training space.