Strength Training, Weight Lifting and Conditioning Equipment for Melbourne Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is an age old practice that dates back as far as ancient Greece and Rome - and today in Melbourne. It is more than just a hobby or profession; it is a way of life that requires extreme dedication. It is something that requires hours and hours of investment in yourself with the ultimate reward of being the best that you can be.

If you are a bodybuilder and fit the above description, the time invested in yourself is worth it, but what about the monetary investment? Some bodybuilders can overlook this factor if they can make do with older equipment, but if you are investing a significant part of your life into bodybuilding, why wouldn’t you make the investment in the right equipment to make your workouts more productive?

AlphaFit is a manufacturer of high quality Australian functional fitness and weight lifting equipment available to the Melbourne market. With the company philosophy of in-house design and use of high-quality materials, we believe that we are a market leader in premium equipment for your conditioning needs.

Conditioning Equipment Melbourne

We have a range of equipment to suit various strength training workouts, as well as providing custom-made solutions that we design specifically with you in mind.

Our weight lifting range has everything you need for a dedicated workout. We have weight lifting platforms, competition barbells rated to 1500lbs and high-quality bumper plates which are designed specifically to withstand drops. This design is inspired by our feedback from strength training users who noticed that they couldn't put in 100% into a workout for fear of breaking bumper plates when dropped. This reason is no longer an issue thanks to our Australian designed equipment that means that you can give that extra couple of percent effort for bigger conditioning gains and more personal bests.

We also supply weight lifting equipment in Melbourne, manufactured with the strongman in mind. Our range of hammers comes in various weight classes to meet your bodybuilding requirements – from 5kg to 20kg. The hammer is a truly versatile piece of gear that can improve your overall strength by working the upper body, lower body, and core sections. All hammers are made from solid steel and welded to the handle for optimum durability.

For conditioning equipment in Melbourne, we also manufacture various weights of log. Made from high-grade Australian steel with laser cut openings for accurate weight distribution, you can choose to increase your workout by adding additional Olympic weights for maximum personal gains.

Premium Gym Equipment

Simply put, we build our products to last. If you take your bodybuilding seriously, you will no doubt realise the importance of gear that is fit for the job. Any breakages can lead you to miss essential workout time and to lose the gains that you have worked so hard to build.

We listen to the fitness community and use this feedback to improve existing products continually. For strength training equipment in Melbourne, we believe we are a top choice due to ongoing relationships with the fitness community and commitment to high-quality products.