Free Standing Cells | AlphaFit Built Not Bought

AlphaFit is proud to offer you the best available rigs in Australia. 

The AlphaFit Free Standing Rigs have been 3D designed and modelled, stress tested and analysed before production to ensure that they are a premium quality product offering you;

  • Maximum functionality
  • Durability and superior craftsmanship  
  • Flexibility to meet the needs of your training space

For busy gyms, floor space is premium. AlphaFit Free Standing Cells help you maximise the space available to you and allow you to add or move cells and components as your training needs change.

Our unique hole spacing allows single chin up bars to be mounted at 25mm increments from 2085mm from the ground to 2685mm. The bars are fully adjustable so you can vary your set up from work out to work out or athlete-to-athlete. The AlphaFit Free Standing Cell even allows for you to set up bars at the same height on all four sides. The AlphaFit Free Standing Cell opens up endless training possibilities from standard pull-ups and gymnastic bar work to lifting racks and ring work. 


Technical Specifications

Standard AlphaFit Free Standing Cell features include:

  • 75 x 75mm uprights
  • Staggered holes to endure maximum upright strength
  • 10mm Base plates
  • 8mm Connection Plates
  • 12mm Bolt Connections
  • 9 standard colour options. Custom available on request.
  • Stand alone unit - must be bolted to floor

All AlphaFit rigs are designed and manufactured in Australia from Australian steel. Contact us for further information on custom fit outs and affiliate pricing.