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When you're looking for strength and conditioning equipment online and planning a new workout routine, make sure that you don't leave out the "conditioning" part of the exercises! Some people are still under the impression that big muscles and high-level conditioning can't go hand in hand. With the right equipment and the right workout routine, you can strike that balance between your strength and conditioning goals. One of the most frequently offered pieces of advice in this regard is to keep it simple. Deadlifts, squats, pull ups, presses, and the like should form the backbone of your routine. Using basic movement exercises like these that still incorporate the whole body is an essential part of a strength and conditioning formula.

To develop your cardio, think in terms of being quick and explosive. Sprints are an all-time favourite since they pull double duty by helping to increase your conditioning and strengthen your legs simultaneously. They're also quick, so for those of you that enjoy brevity, have at it! When trying to mix up your strength and conditioning routine, consider breaking away from the exercise machines. They have their uses, for sure, but to incorporate more movement into your workouts and integrate more of your body into your exercises, getting away from the isolating machines is the way to go.

That doesn't mean you'll have to ditch all of your gear, though, there's still plenty that will lend itself to your new workouts. When you're ready to start getting your strength and conditioning equipment online, come to AlphaFit. We have a huge selection of exercise gear at affordable prices. Take advantage of our online store and let us know if you need any more information!