Australian Made Weight Lifting, Strength Training, and Conditioning Equipment Online

If you are part of the fitness community, you are a growing member of a group of people that takes their health and wellbeing very seriously. The benefits of working out are numerous; not just for health but also for confidence building and improved mood.

Finding a reputable supplier of gym equipment, however, can be a challenge in today’s retail world. Suppliers are often under increasing pressure to supply equipment at the lowest price to fit the needs of the passive consumer who may not carry on with their workout plans. Those of us who take it seriously know that having the right equipment is essential. Reliable gym equipment enables you to have more productive sessions which increase your gains. The right gym equipment will give you the confidence to put 100% in your workout, without having to worry about the shortcomings of the gear you use.

At AlphaFit, we retail weight lifting equipment online for the fitness community. Our products are Australian designed and made, giving you the peace of mind that having total confidence in the quality of your equipment brings.


Strength Training Equipment Online

Our range has been designed with the strength training community in mind first and foremost. Our passion is to produce high-quality gear that is used by elite trainers and home users alike. Our solutions range from equipment found in most gyms to tailor-made solutions found in both home gyms or professional spaces.

Because we dedicate ourselves to supporting the strength training community as a whole, we provide a broad range of equipment, which is summarised below.

  • Bodyweight and Gymnastics – Our plyometric boxes are available in both wood and foam versions depending on your requirements. Olympic rings, climbing ropes, and parallel bars are perfect for gymnasts, whereas chin-up bars and parallets are ideal for overall workouts.

  • Conditioning – Improve your upper body, lower body, and core strength with our range of conditioning equipment. A wide selection of dumbbells, hammers, and kettlebells can give you a strenuous full body conditioning workout. Look no further for conditioning equipment online.

  • Weightlifting – From competition barbells to bumper plates and platforms, you can find the equipment to smash your personal bests here. Our bumper plates are made from high quality moulded rubber so that they can withstand the stresses of being dropped when you push yourself to the limit of weight lifting.

  • Storage – Having gear lying disorganised on the floor is no good for a good work out! We offer a range of durable and space saving solutions so that you can concentrate on your regime without having to compromise on space or quality.


Easy to Use Online Store

We conveniently separate our online store into categories, so it is easy for you to browse and select the products you want. All payments are processed using the latest technology for fast and secure checkout. We have a quick and straightforward method to check delivery costs for each item on our website – all you have to do is enter the quantity desired and your postcode for an estimated cost.

If you are looking for strength training equipment online and have any queries regarding our products, our staff is always happy to help. You can get in touch via email or by telephone if you prefer to speak to someone.