Australian Made Gym Equipment in Sydney – Weight lifting, Strength Training, and Conditioning

Running a gym in today’s cut throat market is trickier than it ever has been. More and more people are becoming aware of the massive benefits to increasing their fitness through weight lifting and conditioning, which means that there is more demand for gyms. As a gym owner, this is both good and bad news. It is good because more people than ever are taking part in what you love to do, but the increased competition – sometimes from those with less experience and knowledge than you – can be hard for your business.

One of the key ways to attract new faces and retain existing ones is to invest in your gym equipment. One of the main complaints of gym customers is the lack of equipment or poor general condition of old equipment. One of the main reasons gym owners are reluctant to invest is because of the costs associated with the purchase of new tackle. It can be a false economy to do this, as maintaining proper equipment while you have a strong customer base will reap rewards in the long run – it can be too late to start investing once your customer base has already dwindled.

Fortunately, there is a solution. AlphaFit is a 100% Australian based manufacturer of strength training equipment in Sydney. We understand that gym owners need quality equipment for their business, so all of our equipment is Australian made and our company is Australian based (Sydney and Gold Coast)


Weight Lifting Equipment Sydney

We provide a premium service to gyms throughout Australia and can custom make equipment for your particular needs. We believe that it is important to provide this service so that gym owners aren’t rooted to use basic equipment but instead can use innovation to give their customers the best environment for their personal conditioning.

The range of our weight lifting equipment in Sydney is enough to suit any gym owner. For busy gyms, we provide quality rigs and racking that make the most of your space. Our Alpha Free Standing Cells enable you to maximise your space and allow you to add more modules when your training needs a change, allowing your customer to concentrate on their strength training.

We have a range of weight lifting equipment that can accommodate casual gym users to experienced professionals. Our 20kg men’s competition barbell is rated to 1500lbs and is Australian designed and made – ideal for customers who are serious about strength training.

Our storage options are numerous, giving you the ability to choose the right product for your gym. All are designed to be robust but compact enough to make the most of your gym’s floor space. We can offer wall based and portable storage options if your training needs change throughout the week.


Premium Australian Quality

We not only believe that having quality designed conditioning equipment in Sydney is the best way to ensure our products are some of the most well engineered on the market, but we believe that we can help support local businesses and strengthen local communities. As a gym owner, your business can be a central aspect of a local community.

If you have any queries about our products and services, our staff are based in Sydney and the Gold Coast and are always happy to help accommodate you in any way we can. Our employees are always friendly and will offer you advice specific to your business.