Customise Your Gym for an Affordable Price, with AlphaFit's Wholesale Commercial Grade Gym Equipment


At AlphaFit, we want to help you customise your gym. We manufacture and sell a broad range of strength and conditioning gym equipment in Melbourne and throughout all of Australia. Our collection, of course, includes the essentials of any and every strength and conditioning gymnasium, from rigs and racks to barbells and bumper plates to strongman equipment to storage solutions.

With so many premium products to choose from, the most difficult process of customising a gym is deciding which products are best for you, your customers, or your clients. That's where AlphaFit comes in. Our experts are as passionate about gym equipment and fitness as anyone you will ever meet. Through a one on one consultation, they will help you put together an equipment order form that will pave the way for a perfect gym.


Meeting Your Needs


Frankly, it doesn't matter what type of gym you are trying to design. Are you trying to cram an entire home gym into a small room in a cramped apartment? Our team will help you pick the most essential components of a strength and conditioning programme so that you can make the most of your limited space and still have a great place to work out.

Are you purchasing equipment for a commercial gym? Our experts will take a look at what you already have and make recommendations for commercial gym equipment that will help to take your Melbourne business to new heights. If you are just opening the doors to a new commercial gym and need assistance building it up from scratch, we can, of course, lend a hand there, too.

What about elite gyms? Are you in the business of training professional or semi-professional athletes? Fear not: AlphaFit's equipment has been used to train Olympic athletes and break world records. You can trust our premium rigs, racks, weightlifting gear and fitness accessories to fit the bill. Speak with our experts to find out which gear is best for training the elite athletes who will be making us of your gymnasium.

Since 2010, AlphaFit has established a reputation not just for delivering high quality wholesale gym equipment in Melbourne, but also for meeting the needs of clients everywhere. No matter how modest or major your gym will be, we can help you outfit it with some of the finest strength and conditioning equipment that the Australian market has to offer. Plus, all of our equipment is Australia made, so you can rest easy knowing that you are supporting an Australian brand and Australian workers.


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Start your search for the perfect gym equipment in Melbourne today. Give us a call at AlphaFit and let us guide you towards the right exercise solution for your needs. Whether you are shopping for a home gym, a commercial gym or an elite training gym, we have the equipment and the expertise you need to reach your destination. Call us on 07 5597 1588 or 02 8872 6884 to get started.