How an Athlete Who Shopped AlphaFit's Selection of Wholesale Commercial Gym Equipment Online Became

In June 2016, Gold Coast athlete Caine Eckstein set the world record for most pull-ups in a 24-hour period. The magic number—7,620 pull-ups in total—gave Eckstein the world record by about 300, over an American teenager who had broken the world record just a month earlier. Perhaps most impressively, Eckstein hit his 7,620 world record mark with 45 minutes left to go before his 24 hours were up. Theoretically, he could have raised the bar even a little bit higher.

Why are Eckstein's exploits relevant? Well, because Caine Eckstein is an AlphaFit sponsor and because he broke the world record while using an AlphaFit pull-up bar. It's just the latest example of an exemplary professional athlete choosing AlphaFit equipment to hone his or her craft.


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According to Men's Fitness, if you look at Eckstein's numbers and figure in the 45-minute cushion at the end of his record-breaking run, then the 30-year-old athlete was averaging a little more than 329 pull-ups per hour. That rate figures out to about 5.5 pull-ups per minute, for more than 23 hours straight.

Could you be capable of a feat to rival Eckstein's? The AlphaFit sponsor was a shining example of human strength and resilience when he broke the world pull-up record in June. Do you have what it takes to follow in his footsteps?

If you want to emulate Eckstein or any of the many, many incredible professional athletes currently working in the strength and conditioning field, then the first thing you need is the right equipment. Luckily, AlphaFit can lend a hand with that. We carry our entire range of commercial gym equipment online—including the exact model of pull-up bar that Eckstein used to set his world record.

There are no restrictions or exclusions when it comes to AlphaFit equipment. We design our gear with commercial use and professional athletes in mind, but we also target customers interested in building up their home gyms. Whether you are just getting started with your strength and conditioning regimen or are preparing to shoot for a world record like Eckstein did, AlphaFit equipment can help you achieve your goals.

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Not everyone will get to experience the kind of sensation that Caine Eckstein did in June 2016, when he got off the pull-up bar knowing he was a world record holder. However, pursuing your own athletic goals and reaching new levels of fitness are honourable and rewarding pursuits in and of themselves. To get started, visit the AlphaFit website and start shopping for our commercial gym equipment online!.